Article For Nesh Outdoor Filter

07 Nov 2020
Article For Nesh Outdoor Filter
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Super high and Queen for housing types used (Landed – Double Storey, Triple Storey, Villa etc), the King Model is for industry, Factory or Shoplot used. 



We are using the membrane technology 0.01 Micron, it can filter the virus, bacteria, heavy metal and mud as well as big particle as the colour of the ink. The membrane is 1000 times finest than sand and canvas filter technologies. 
Our Kidney won’t spoil is due to every day we release the waste that unwanted from our body. So this filter membrane technology is 0.01 Micron just similar to our skin or kidney. 




From the picture above show that the black link is disappeared after pass through the hollow fibre membrane 0.01 Micron.



This is the membrane technology function (Magnifying 100k times)

As water only flows in one way or one direction, if we are doing the backwash, the water must reverse back to the surface of the hollow fibre membrane 0.01 Micron.





Nesh Membrane Super High (Manual)

The Super High Model (Manual) only control the water flow to clean the filter cartridges.





Super high you have to assign one of your family members to do the maintenance if he or her tired no free time to do the maintenance (Release water waste like a toilet) then the membrane cannot last so long. If you do the flushing and backwash, it can last more longer.





For Queen, the self-maintenance is very easy and every one of your family members can do the flushing and backwash. Just like your Auto Car. 

The difference between Super High and Queen



Super High (Manual) vs Queen (Auto)




Filter Cartridges (Super High vs Queen)




The durability of the Filter Cartridges

As we can see that our filter cartridges already patent and using the moulding to make out this filter cartridge, this is manufacturing and research was done by Nesh Malaysia, we did a lot of research-based on Malaysia water condition to ensure this filter cartridge can last more longer compare to other brands. 

This is the video of the rate of flushing and backwash



It only takes 15 seconds to clean the filter cartridge without calling anyone one for servicing or maintenance. Just like flushing the toilet.


You can see this customer use more than 9 years, the membrane still functioning. Some of our existing customers used more than 10 years also didn’t change the filter cartridges as they keep flushing and backwash.



By observation the membrane spoiled:
If the flushing and backwash, the water waste is coming out dirty until clean water, meaning that the membrane is still workable. 
If the waste released, is always come out clean water, meaning that the 0.01Micron already become larger in size, the filtration system is not that efficient. 
In the worst-case scenario, there is no housing water pressure, this is due to the customer didn’t do the flushing and backwash so all the dirt stuck inside the membrane cause the water cannot pass through the membrane.  
This is Malaysia water condition, as the piping in Malaysia all rusted and didn’t change for a few decades. so water only will become even worst for a few more years, won’t become clear as long as Malaysia change all the rusted pipes to good quality pipes.



So we keep on improving our filter cartridges based on Malaysia water condition from time to time as we have RnD department. In future we upgraded again the filter cartridges, you only install and change the filter cartridges (upgrade version) only. Not like sand filter (11Micron) after 10 years also sand filter (Same technology and same materials)





From Left to Right,
1st generation, 2nd, and 3rd generation (Latest)



This is the latest Nesh Hollow Fiber Membrane Filter Cartridge.



Many holes won't affect water pressure during backwash that time, the filter cartridges will be clean all area, so the membrane won't easily spoil.
You can see the water speed very fast due to the technology of the filter. Even condo, Apartment, landed house with the triple storey also can. It won't affect your water pressure. Only affect 1%. We are an ISO company, so before we install the Outdoor Filter, we will check the pressure before and after. If let’s say your house pressure got 4 bars, 3.9 bars you used, only 0.1 bar the filter cartridge used.

Many people very afraid of buying the wrong water filter because they scare in futures, they cannot purchase the spare parts or filter cartridge and force to trade in or keep buying again water filter. 




We are manufacturer, even these two nesh products already discontinued, but we still have the spare part to change and still the same price with upgraded filter cartridges that based on water condition in Malaysia. Even though Malaysia have many time inflation or GST and SST implementation, the filter cartridge price still the same.



This customer used more than 11 years, just that the house rent to tenants to use, tenants don't know how to do flushing and backwash, so they open wrong valves so the membrane only spoiled, so you can see that we changed the new filter cartridges with the upgraded version (Same price with previous versions, no any upgrading fee). After a few years, water becomes worst already, you only need to get a new technology to support current water condition, and the price of the cartridges still the same price. 




Here are the summaries that Nesh Outdoor Filter can help you solved your water problem in daily life.


  • Hollow Fiber Membrane 0.01 Micron Technology 
  • Flushing & Backwash just 15-30 Seconds Only. 
  • Remove the Mud, Heavy Metal, Virus and Bacteria.
  • No need to call others for maintenance or services.
  • Save a lot of Money, Buy One Time, No Contract 
  • Long last for more than 9 Years, without changing filter (Patent)
  • Durable Stainless Steel 304 (Patent) - No worry under hot Sun & Raining
  • Vertical or Horizontal Installation
  • Without affecting Water Pressure (Check the pressure before and after installation)
  • Suitable for Landed (Single to Three Storey), Condominium, Apartment and Industry used.
  • Can support up to 6 Bars
  • Minimum pressure 1 Bar
  • Everyone affordable and deserve to have one.
  • No Contract Binding
  • Spare Parts Forever ready for you to buy and is very cheap.
  • Halal Certificate
  • Insurance Product Liability cover by LONPAC
  • Own Manufacturer products (Nesh Malaysia)
  • Whole Life After Sales Services and Assisting (24Hrs)
  • Flushing and Backwash Reminder
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