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Nesh HeroPro Air Purifier

Every house must have one indoor water filtration system, the purpose is to protect our family members from the unknown water waste inside our drinking water.

EM2018 IHot Dispenser Filtration System

Nesh Qoozo

EM2008 Life Water Filtration System


EM3038-N Instant Hot (5 Sec)


EM3013-N UniqNesh

Patent Product. Hollow Fiber Membrane 0.01 Micron. The purpose to protect our House Piping, Water Tank, Kitchen Used, Toilet Bowls, Washing Machines, Indoor Filter, as well as Shower, Brushing Teeth and Washing Face etc.

EM2016 - Nesh Membrane Queen

EM3388 Membrane King

EM 3000 Super High


Qoozo Mini


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